Topic outline

  • General

    Too Far From Home


    unless otherwise noted, clipart and photos from (public domain)

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  • Topic 2

    Project 1

    Become a Biome Expert

    • Your group will become the experts on your assigned biome.
    • You will do research and build a wiki page for the class website together.
    • Steps:
      • Gather your information on the characteristics of your assigned biome.
      • Keep track of which web sites you use.
      • As a group pick 3 animals that live in that biome to research. Be sure to look for adaptations that help them to survive.
      • Use the template to plan a wiki page you can use to teach your home group about your assigned biome.
      • During your assigned time, help transfer information, pictures, etc. to the wiki page for your biome.
      • Make sure everyone understands the information well enough to teach it. (Remember teach not tell)
  • Topic 3

    Project 2

    Biome World Tour Brochure


  • Topic 4

    Project 3:       


    • An alien collector not authorized for the collection of Earth animals has been collecting from all Earth biomes.
    • When he saw the Intergalactic Life Form Protection Officers approaching, he dumped his cargo.
    • All animals landed safely but not in the correct biome.
    • An army of volunteers activated to help the animals survive in the new biome until they can be returned to their home biome.