Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    What is Electricity?

    The effects of electricity were noticed thousands of years ago. It took humans a long time to frame up ideas and agree upon how to define it, what it is, and how it behaves. This first unit block will introduce you to what the ideas have existed about electricity, some fundamental knowledge about electricity, and how static electricity behaves.

  • Topic 2

    Electricity 101

    The following online video and text resources will give you a background in the vocabulary needed and fundamental knowledge about what is known about electric charges. You will need this understanding to help you learn about later ideas in this unit.

    Step 3: Click here to view videos from Hippocampus and complete four readings on the nature of electrical charge. Do the "check your understanding" questions found in the readings. Also download and complete the two worksheets with answers typed into a text document and upload them into the Static Charges Worksheet Upload link.

  • Topic 3

    Visualizing the Invisible

    Now that you have learned about static charges it is time to make things more interesting and visualize what is happening using the concept of the Electric Field. You will do this by, watching three videos, engaging with a simulation, and a playing a game.

    Step 7: Click here to watch three videos on Electric Fields, read the Articles, and complete the two worksheets. Use the interactive simulation to help you visualize and understand how electric fields behave.

    Step 8: Take this Unit Quiz 1.
    The Basis for Electrical Current

    Step 9: Watch this video clip to learn how to use the Game Electric Field Hockey. Since Electrical Fields place forces on charges they move forming the basis for electrical current.

    Step 10: Play Electric Field Hockey. Have fun! When you have successfully completed each of the three levels take a screen shot and paste it into a word document. When finished upload your document here.

    Electric Field Hockey
    Click to Run
  • Topic 4

    Electrical Current Essentials

    You have seen how electric fields place forces on charges to make them move. When this happens in a wire it forms the basis for an electric circuit. This section will help you understand the basic requirements of forming an electric circuit.

    Step 11: Click here to watch the videos and complete the readings and worksheets on electrical current. Upload your answers to the electrical circuit worksheets when finished.