Topic outline

  • General

    Explore Engineering


    In this course, you will learn more about engineers and engineering.

    You will see some real engineers, past and present.

    You will learn about the design process engineers use and explore some amazing engineering structures.

  • Topic 1

    This glossary will be a collaborative collection of words. Feel free to reference the definitions as you work on the activities in this course.

  • Topic 2

    What is an Engineer?

    chad lift sys kid

    In this section you'll dig deeper to find out about the different types of engineers. You'll be surprised by the variety!
  • Topic 3

    What is an Engineer? Show what you know!


    Now that you've learned something about different engineers, it's time to show what you've learned.

    Choose one of the following activities:

    1. Choose the engineering career you find most interesting. Create a Glogster presentation showing what you know about this engineering career;


    2. Interview an actual engineer about her/his job. Create a 3-5 minute Flip video to share.

  • Topic 4

    5 Step Design Process

    In this section you'll view learn more about the 5 Step Design Process.

    1. View the panoramic collage above.
    2. Answer the forum question below titled Which Step is most challenging?
    3. View 1 of the 3 video clips linked here. You'll need to select the Video Activities tab at the bottom of the page. Pay attention to the 5 step design process.
    4. Complete the activity titled Engineering Design Process.
  • Topic 5

    Engineering Wonders

    The world is full of amazing structures created by engineers. It is the work of civil engineers to oversee the construction of things like buildings, roads, canals, and bridges. In this section you will get the chance to learn about some famous engineering wonders and identify some for yourself using Google Earth.

    golden gate bridge

    *Note- you will need to download Google Earth to view KMZ files. Click HERE for a free download.

  • Topic 6

    Engineers of the Past



    People have always participated in engineering and scientific inquiry to improve their lives. In this section you will learn about how some Native American tribes created and used engineering design and the scientific process.

  • Topic 7

    Final Asssessment