Topic outline

  • General

    In this unit you will learn about:
    • The importance of forests
    • The impact of deforestation
    • Sustainable Forest Management
    • Sustainable living
  • Topic 1

    World Forests
    1. Use this link to find out which parts of the world have the most forest area and which are cutting down the most forests.
    2. The 3 main types of forest are Tropical, Temperate and Boreal (Taiga) forests. Using this link about biomes and this link to describe differences and similarities between each type of forest.
    3. Name some countries where I would find each of these types of forest.
    Once you have completed these 3 activities, save your findings as an information report (200 words) username-forests.doc . You may add images to your report. The maximum file size is 1Mb. If your pictures are too big they may make your information report too large to submit.

  • Topic 2

    Forest Issues
    Form a group of 4-5. Each person take a topic below. Read the information and summarise it for other members of the group and teach them about the issue (you can search for more information if you need it).
    1. Agroforestry
    2. Palm oil and watch a short video
    3. Pulp and paper industry
    4. Forests and poverty reduction
    5. Food and health
    Now individually complete this Forest Issues Quiz.
  • Topic 3

    Talking Trees

    Imagine that trees (or a particular forest animal of your choice) could talk. Create a discussion where two trees talk about their age, their life and the coming threat of logging in their forest.
    • Topic 4

      Live Trees Dead Trees

      Find a dead tree in your area and find out how old it is. This link will help you find the age of the tree if you cannot count the rings. Download and fill out the worksheet below. Save the worksheet as username-tree and submit it below.
    • Topic 5

      Fire In The Forest

      Use this interactive to simulate a forest fire. Complete this worksheet and submit it for marking below. You will need to copy all the text in the worksheet and paste it into a new office document if you want to type your answers. Save it as username-fire.pdf.
    • Topic 6

      Deforestation Maths

      Around the world, 1 hectare of rainforest is destroyed (equivalent to two football fields) every second and 137 species become extinct every day. Using this information answer the quiz below.
    • Topic 7

      The Lorax

      Watch the video of the Lorax or read the book. The story teaches us about:
      • Protecting Diversity
      • Deforestation
      • Recycling
      Write an explanation/exposition that explains what you have learned from The Lorax and why you need to make sure these things don't happen where you live. In your exposition discuss logging, global warming, acid rain, species extinction and recycling and what we need to do about them. Save your work as username-lorax.pdf and submit it to the dropbox below.

    • Topic 8

      Mapping Forests

      Find a map of your local area. You can use Google Maps. Take a screenshot of it and save it. Using image editing software, shade in areas of forest. Use different colours to show different types of forest areas. Create a legend showing what the different colours mean. Save your work as username-forestmap.jpg and submit it below.

    • Topic 9

      Forest Composition

      Form a group with 4-5 others. Think about animals and plants in a forest and create a soundscape using a range of different kinds of sounds that expresses what life is like in a rainforest for one day. Record your soundscape. At the end record yourself describing what was happening in the sound scape (2 minutes max). Submit it below as username-username-username-sounds.mp3 .