Playing with Circuits

In this assignment, your task is to figure out what is a circuit and what is not a circuit. You also are to figure out what is a parallel circuit, and what is a series circuit.

1. Start by copying the circuits that are in the instructions on what a series circuit is and what a parallel circuit is. This is an activity in which your whole class will practice all at the same time. You may use pencil and paper, or you may use a drawing program, you may want to use the symbols I have saved. You would do this by using a screen capture of some type.

2. List the things that are the same with the circuits and what is different.
3. What would you use a series circuit for?
4. What would you use a parallel circuit for? (Look around your classroom)

You may design and record this either on or off line. Everyone must turn in an example of a series circuit and an example of a parallel circuit.