Turn in the circuit you created

You need to open up one of the web sites to design your own circuit and create that circuit. You must post your success by attaching your document here. You may either design your circuit and use Jing to do a screen capture; you may design your circuit and use the screen save and then create a document, or you may design your circuit on a word processing or drawing document. If you would like, you may also draw the circuit on a piece of paper and scan the circuit into the computer if your school has a scanner.

If you need help with the screen capture, view the YouTube on Jing or the document on how to use the screen capture. When you are ready to post your document, just remember you must save your document first in your files under your name. To post to the lesson, push the browse button and look for the file you just saved. When you find it, then post to the lesson by pushing the upload button. The full title of your document will appear in the space above the upload button.