Final Step - Complete Assignment - Know your Audience

Now that you have learned how critical it is to consider your audience, let us work on creating a checklist that will help you in the future.

In the How To article by Jason Belasco, he says there are two things you as the speaker must do. What are they?


The author goes on to give you a checklist of six things you should do as you prepare. List the six steps:


Then consider your individual topic and audience. When will you be next speaking on this topic? If you do not have a specific upcoming event, answer the questions as if your next presentation is before peers and judges at the regional science fair. Write a paragraph response to each of the following questions as it relates to your topic:

1. Characterize your audience - Who is your audience? Are they from your topic area? What are the seeking to learn from you?
2. Consider your words and body language - Will your audience have a strong technical background, or will you need to define general terms? Will your audience have mixed backgrounds, in which case you will need to communicate in a general manner?
3. Reflect on your image - What image do you want to convey? How can your dress impact their impression?
4. Connect with your audience - Can you treat the audience as if there is only one person there? Can you try to make sure your message reaches them?
5. See your audience - Can you effectively make eye contact? One tip is to deliver each sentence to a different person, so you make sure you are reaching everyone in the room.
6. Wake them up! Can you think of ways to engage your audience and allow them to participate? Can you begin with a general question? Ask for a show of hands?