Final Step - Complete Assignment - Learning from Videos

After you reviewed the lesson materials, answering the following questions.

What did you learn from the FastCompany embedded video? What are at least three tips you will take with you?

While we are not endorsing PowerPoint, we find the online videos displayed in this lesson to be helpful in making points that apply for all presentations. Watch each of the following videos, then write a paragraph describing what you have learned from each.

1. Graph Gaffe
2. Bullet Pointless
3. Animation Aggravation
4. Repeating Offender
5. Color Clasher

6. Which of these offenses do you see most often in presentations of others?

7. Which are you most likely to need to work on yourself?

Next, after watching Hans Rosling's presentation, answer the following:
8. What tools did he use well?

9. How did he effectively engage his audience?

Lastly, go to Edmodo to discuss your findings with classmates. Share the three tips you enjoyed most in this lesson.