Vocabulary Strategy #2: Thirty Seconds Of Fame And Glory

Write a 30 second (maximum) commercial advertising the assigned concepts or vocabulary terms.
1. The one idea or concept considered to be most important should be the main message of the commercial.
2. The commercial MUST use at least 5 vocabulary terms or phrases from the current unit. 3. Each vocabulary term or phrase must be "highlighted" in some way.
4. A description of any sound effects or music that would accompany the commercial may be listed in parenthesis and highlighted inside the body of the commercial.
5. An illustration showing a printed advertisement to accompany the radio campaign must be drawn (use at least 4 colors).
6. Write at least one paragraph about each type of advertisement, explaining your thinking about how your commercial meets the assignment criteria.

Extension: Create your commercial using the online multimedia tool of your choice. Suggestions: Masher, Animoto, Voicethread, Garage Band.