Step 3: Write your own fable

Fables, or animal stories, can be used to demonstrate science concepts.
Your turn! Write your own fable

Here's a step-by-step plan for writing a fable:

Step 1: What scientific concept would you like to teach? Choose one of the following questions.

Step 2: Who will your animal characters be? How can you demonstrate a possible explanation for your science concept in a story? Remember that fables typically use animals to represent human traits. Try to use at least two animals that will represent opposing qualities; this helps set up the conflict or problem within the fable.

Step 3: What problem must your characters solve? What problem or question must be solved in order to illustrate the concept?

Step 4: How does your fable end? What's the solution to the problem? Since fables are a way to teach or explain, at least one of the characters should have a different understanding of the problem or question at the end of the story.

Your story should be no more than a page typed. Is you need more examples of fables, check out this site