Assignment 1: Ethologists and Biologists that Influence the Profession

Each Question is worth 2 points:

How would a naturalist describe animal behavior versus a physiologist?

In Charles Darwin's 1859 book, On the Origin of Species, what ecological concept did he describe?

When Pavlov used a bell signaling the occurrence of food deliver to a dog, what ethological concept was he establishing?

Which Ethologist is considered one of the Founders of Ethology?

Who was the first biologist to study wolves in the wild?

Schenkel’s 1947 “Expressions Studies on Wolves.” This is the study that gave rise to the outdated concept in wolf behavior, what is that concept?

Erik Zimen created unique wolf/dog hybrids to study the behavioral comparisons of domestic versus wild. What breed of dog did he use?

Fred Harrington used a spectrograph to interpret wolf behavior. What does a spectrograph reveal?

Ray Coppinger founded the Livestock Guarding Dog Project at Hampshire College and more recently began working with assistance dogs. How did he get his start in canid studies?

When did Dave Mech begin studying wolves?