READ: Respiration Stage 1

Powering the Cell: Introduction to Cellular Respiration

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Powering the Cell: Cellular Respiration

Lesson Objectives

  • Name the three stages of cellular respiration.
  • Give an overview of glycolysis.
  • Explain why glycolysis probably evolved before the other stages of aerobic respiration.
  • Describe the mitochondrion and its role in aerobic respiration.
  • List the steps of the Krebs cycle, and identify its products.
  • Explain how electron transport results in many molecules of ATP.
  • State the possible number of ATP molecules that can result from aerobic respiration.


&\mathbf{aerobic \ respiration} & &\mathbf{anaerobic \ respiration} & &\mathbf{glycolysis} \ &\mathbf{Krebs \ cycle}


You have just read how photosynthesis stores energy in glucose. How do living things make use of this stored energy? The answer is cellular respiration. This process releases the energy in glucose to make ATP, the molecule that powers all the work of cells.

An introduction to cellular respiration:

CK-12 Foundation, Biology.