Find two separate pieces of information about Ben Franklin that disagree with one another. It works best to take some of the information you "know" about Franklin and start a search to either verify or discredit your piece of information. You might want to begin with Franklin's beginnings in the printing business. If that doesn't give you some results, then go into his family or political life. What will help you most here is to find what you wonder about Franklin, and then find many places that say maybe similar but a little bit different things.

1. Take the address of both of these (do a copy and paste) and put them in the body of your response.

2. Tell which article you believe, and why you believe it. Did you find other articles to support one of your articles? Did you find some primary source documents that you trust?

3. Read through the posts of your classmates. You may comment, but you must use the following procedure:

a. Tell what you value or like.
b. Tell what confuses you.
c. Give a suggestion on how to improve WITH AN EXAMPLE. If you have no example, you may not give a suggestion.

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