Course Description
The course integrates 8 themes throughout all units: Science as a Process, Evolution, Energy Transfer, Continuity and Change, Relationship of Structure to Function, Regulation, Interdependence in Nature, Science Technology and Society. The course is organized into 2 large sections. In the first we will examine the development of life on Earth from its origins (Chemistry of life, Cells) to the many types of life forms today (Diversity of Organisms) through evolution (Evolutionary Biology). In the second part of the course we will focus on the characteristics of living things: they reproduce (Heredity, Molecular Genetics, Societal Impacts), require energy (Cellular Energetics), interact (Ecology, Human Impacts, Behavior), and maintain homeostasis through exchange, circulation and waste removal (Structure and function of plants and animals). Beyond content, students will master reading and essay writing as well as inquiry skills and laboratory work. This is a challenging course. Unlike a high school course, AP Biology uses a college text, covers more topics in more depth in less time, and has extended lab work. Unlike a college class, students will be expected to show their mastery of biological concepts learned over the entire year in a single test, the AP test. Coursework includes daily reading assignments with notes, working in groups to complete laboratory work then individually completing lab reports, vocabulary words to define on your own, some at home or after school labs, lectures that include videos and internet resources, and lecture guides the include pictures to label and short answers. Additionally, this year some units will include extensive online work. Students should consider forming study groups, and after school tutoring is available. The effort students put into the course will dictate what students get out of it. Students can gain the skills they need to succeed at college and a chance to earn college credit and bypass the introductory year of college biology.

Course Syllabus

College Board Approved Syllabus

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