Step One: Pick an energy source

Alternative Energy

_____ Coal

_____ Hydrogen

_____ Natural Gas

_____ Nuclear

_____ Other: ___________

Step Two: Questions to Answer.

_____ Why do we need to consider using different types of energy source (not just yours)?

_____ What is the history of your energy source? (origins, founder, development of its use)

_____ What are the pros of your energy source?

_____ What are the cons of your energy source?

_____ Evaluate why this is the best alternative energy source?

Step Three: Research

_____ Use books or credible website sources

_____Cite your sources

Step Four: Format

Role: Alternative energy activist

Audience: people of the United States

Format: Web 2.0 medium

Topic: Your alternative energy source

Create a presentation to showcase your energy source. You may use whatever technology you feel comfortable utilizing to create this presentation.


_____ Information (What information will you be presenting in each frame?)

_____ Images (What images will you use to represent a certain concept? What is the quality of the picture? How will it look like if it is stretched or enlarged?)

_____ Story (Is the information presented in the form of a story?)

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