This Great Lakes Ecology unit was created by the Great Lakes Aquarium staff.

The mission of Great Lakes Aquarium(GLA) is to “inspire stewardship, understanding and exploration of the Great Lakes and their interconnection with global ecosystems.” GLA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Previously known as Lake Superior Center, the Great Lakes Aquarium has been located on the Duluth Waterfront since 2000. A freshwater aquarium, GLA features animals and habitats found within the Great Lakes Basin. The Aquarium also houses animals from other freshwater ecosystems such as the Amazon River. A changeable exhibit space is designed to interpret marine (saltwater) animals and habitat and currently features “Masters of Disguise”.

Great Lakes Aquarium provides on-site and outreach educational programming to learners of all ages. Daily interpretive programs give guests the opportunity to learn more about resident animals while watching them eat, play or interact with our staff. In addition, classes and formal programming are provided to more than 10,000 pre-K-12 grade students each year. Teacher workshops and visiting speakers provide enriching experiences for adults as well.

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