For this assignment, you will need to get into groups of 4. Each person in the group will research two aquatic habitats and two terrestrial habitats and then share it with the group.

Some of the habitats may have similar characteristics or be close geographically. Please be as specific as possible when describing their distinguishing factors.

Each group must create a slideshow about the aquatic and terrestrial habitats found throughout the Great Lakes area using Prezi. Prezi is an webtool that allows you to create presentations online.

Aquatic Habitats
Terrestrial Habitats
Inshore waters
Sand dunes
Offshore waters
Oak Savannas
Estuaries/ Coastal Marshes
Boreal Forests
Ponds/ Eutrophic Lakes
Tallgrass Prairies
Tributaries Alvar
Connecting Channels Fens
Mesotrophic Lakes
Old-growth forests

Please include the following criteria in the slides for each habitat:

Terrestrial Habitats Aquatic Habitats
- Location
- Average Precipitation
- Average Temperature
- Common species
- Location
- Average Temperature
- Average Depth
- Average Nutrient levels, Dissolved Oxygen levels

Anything else that you found interesting?

Once group's presentation is completed, please post it to Habitat Prezi Presentation.
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