Today, you will look at the issues connected to the spread of Asian carp.

View these news videos, articles and podcasts to learn about Asian carp.
Preventing a Hostile Takeover: Asian Carp + the Great Lakes
Asian Carp in the Great Lakes? This Means War!
Locks stay open while U.S. Supreme Court considers Asian carp lawsuit Juanuary 8, 2010
Supreme Court Declines To Wade Into Asian Carp Fight, Worrying Great Lakes Governors January 19, 2010
Asian Carp Video January 20, 2010
The Dangers of Asian Carp in the Great Lakes June 27,2010

Answer these discussion questions and post to the Asian Carp forum.

How are Asian carp similar and different than other invasive species that are already present in the Great Lakes? Do you think that the canal should be closed to prevent the spread of Asian carp into Lake Michigan? If yes or no, what possible economic consequences could that have to the surrounding areas? What are your views on the invasion of Asian carp and the action that should be taken? What evidence and information support your views?
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