A Few Closing Words…

by Naveen Jain and Princesa VanBuren Hansen

Phew. That was a mental marathon, right?

Much of what you have just read is common sense. Many of you know how to give wonderful presentations. Many of you know how to adjust a tie and hold a conversation. Many of you know how to operate Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word just fine without my help.

However, if a single person learned something new, my mission has been accomplished.

Never stop experimenting with your presentations! There are so many wonderful features available to users with programs like Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word which are never used. Why stop with a bland presentation when you can add your own custom flair? The software designers would weep if only they knew! You can be Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh with a few simple clicks!

I have given you a few tricks to help you navigate the world of presentations. What happens next is completely up to you.

Practice these tips. You can try adding headers and footers to your next English paper or even adding animations to your next History PowerPoint. By practicing these skills early on, they will become second nature when you need to crank out your next research paper for the Science Fair or your college class.

Last modified: Sunday, June 26, 2011, 1:59 PM