For this assignment, you will research the education and early aspirations of a scientist whom you admire. The product may be completed in the multi-media program of your choice, but must include all of the requirements on the CHECKLIST

Scientist suggestions:
Luis Alvarez
Sir Frederick Banting
Elizabeth Blackwell
Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Robert Boyle
Tycho Brahe
Rachel Fuller Brown
Annie Jump Cannon
Rachel Louise Carson
George Washington Carver
Anders Celsius
Jacques Charles
Francis Collins
Nicolas Copernicus
Jacques Cousteau
Francis Crick
Marie Curie
Charles Darwin
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Gertrude Belle Elion
William Maurice Ewing
Michael Faraday
Enrico Fermi
Sir Alexander Fleming
Rosalind Franklin
Galileo Galilei
William Gilbert
Robert Goddard
Jane Goodall
Edmund Halley
Stephen W. Hawking
Robert Hooke
Edwin Hubble
Friedrich Humboldt
James Hutton
Johannes Kepler
Robert Koch
Antoine Lavoisier
Mary Leakey
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Carolus Linnaeus
Ada Byron Lovelace
Matthew Maury
Barbara McClintock
Lise Meitner
Gregor Mendel
Dmitri Mendeleev
Gerardus Mercator
Friedrich Mohs
Mario Molina
Sir Isaac Newton
Hans Christian Oersted
Louis Pasteur
Ivan Pavlov
Joseph Priestley
Wilhelm Roentgen
Ernest Rutherford
Albert Sabin
Jonas Salk
Nicola Tesla
Susumu Tonegawa
J. Craig Venter
James Watson
Alfred Wegener
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