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From the game "Wait, wait! Don't tell me!"
Carl Kasell reads the week's news-related limericks, with the last word or phrase missing from each. Play along below!
What I ask of the beasts in their pens is,
Can they use the solution that cleanses?
I'm aware of the facts.
We will cure cataracts.
But can bears really wear contact lenses?
Noah SHOULD have used this on his ark.
This device translates canine remarks.
"What's that, Spot, you want out?
And some food? Well, don't shout."
See, now I understand a dog's barks.

On its surface the rocks are restrewn,
So you'll see it at night, not at noon.
A small step for man
To sell all he can.
For some ad space we're using the moon.

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