Strand/SubStrand Standard Code/Benchmark Curriculum Assessments

Mn State Standrds in Physics 











Physical Science

























 Sound waves are generated from mechanical oscillations of objects and travel through a medium.












9P.  Analyze the frequency, period and amplitude of an oscillatory system.

9P.  Explain how interference, resonance, refraction and reflection affect sound waves. Describe how energy is transferred through sound waves and how pitch and loudness are related to wave properties of frequency and amplitude



Learning about Waves  


Learning About Sound 


Sine Waves and Sound   


Sound Recordings and Sine Waves





Assignment1: Creating Beats and Interference  with Audacity

Assignment 2: Waves review and online questions  

Assignment 3 Sound review and online questions

Assignment 4: Modeling sound with Sine Waves

Final Project with Audacity/Visual Analyzer  and Presentation          







All Above Assignments                        

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