Captive Wolf Research at the International Wolf Center or through the Center's YouTube posting requires accurate identification of the wolves. This unit will review the captive wolf history at the Center and provide physical attributes to help identify each individual wolf. Follow the link to the International Wolf Center Wolf Logs, to review each wolf, click on their photo and review the current posting about each individual. If you would like to review archived behavior, follow the tabs on the left that shows the year and month. This is a good way to review pup development as all wolves have data that begins at a young age. When reviewing the background information on the wolves at the International Wolf Center, you will notice a reference to the subspecies of the individual. Subspecies data is being reviewed as new genetic data and morphology (skeletal structure) is questioning the accuracy of subspecies delineations. Here is a link on some background information about the current subspecies recognized in North American, the latest studies do indicate that the Eastern Timber Wolf or Lycoan subspecies, may be renamed as a separate species, Canis lycoan.

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