08 - John Flat

John Flat of Grand Portage is also a traditional chief. John is the holder of two chief medals, which were given out by King George of England in 1783, and again in 1814. John can trace the medals back seven generations, when Sir William Johnston traveled out to meet Ojibwe chiefs on behalf of the English Government. Special silver medals were minted and given to major Ojibwe chiefs. A delegation from Grand Portage traveled the long journey south from Sault Ste. Marie or "Ba-wi-ti-gong" as the Ojibwe called it, to the meeting. These medals that John has, have been in the hands of Grand Portage chiefs since those times.

John inherited the medals and chieftainship from his father, Mike Flat, who died in 1953. Mike was the stepson of Joe Louis, whose father was "May-mosh-ko-waush," a signer of the 1854 Lake Superior Band treaty.

John has served on the Grand Portage tribal council for many years, and has been active in the affairs of the Grand Portage Band for a long time.

John Flat of Grand Portage, Chief medals inherited from father, Mike Flat.

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