Unit 8 Plan

Step One: What are the desired learning results of this unit? (benchmarks that address content) Describe the establishment and expansion of rights over time, including the impact of key court cases, state legislation and constitutional amendments. For example: Key court cases and state legislation—the Minnesota Human Rights Law, Brown v. Board of Education, Miranda v. Arizona. Give examples of economic changes in Minnesota during the Cold War era; describe the impact of these changes on Minnesota’s people. (Post-World War II United States: 1945-1989) For example: Growth of suburbs, growth of Minnesota defense industries. Describe civil rights and conservation movements in Post- World War II Minnesota, including the role of Minnesota leaders. (Post-World War II United States: 1945-1989) For example: Movements—Civil Rights Movement (Hubert H. Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, student takeover of Morrill Hall at the University of Minnesota); American Indian Movement; Women’s Rights Movement; Conservation Movement (Ernest Oberholtzer, Boundary Waters Canoe Area). Describe the response of Minnesotans to global conflicts and displaced peoples since 1945. (Post-World War II United States: 1945-1989) For example: World War II refugee resettlement, Vietnam War, The Red Bulls National Guard, Center for Victims of Torture, post- WWII refugee resettlement.

Step Two: What essential question(s) will anchor students to learning? (one or more that summarize benchmark)

What was the Cold War and how did it begin?

Why did the Cold War make people insecure and how did they strive for security?

How did Minesotans respond to global conflicts?

How did civil rights and conservation movements define and indluence Minnesotans?

Step Three: What skills are needed to achieve desired results (nuts and bolts teaching)? (civic skills: evaluate arguments, etc. evident in the benchmarks)


Step Four: What is acceptable evidence to show desired results?

Submission of listed activities in unit.

Step Five: What is the sequence of activities, learning experiences, etc. that will lead to desired results (the plan)? 

As outlined.

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