About Key Word Notes

Your turn: Key Word Notes Assignment
1. Create a word processing document with a two collumn, three row table. Label each box with a step of the scientific method. Set the table parameters to automatically adjust row height/width to text size.
2. Read/listen to designated piece of text.
3. Select 3-4 words as memory aids for each step of the scientific method. Select your key words carefully in order to fully represent the step - so that not only do you understand, but another person could learn about the scientific method from your notes. Type your key words into the appropriate box of your table.
4. Discuss your key words with an adult or peer for feedback. Do your key words make sense to another person? Address any misunderstandings that arise by making changes to your key words in order to more clearly represent what you want to say. Note revisions in a different text color.
5. Use your revised key word notes to write a summary of the scientific method in your own words.
6. If you need more information on the scientific method, use your web resources to find additional sources.
Books closed, each student uses his/her Key Words to write summary in box 5