Assignment: Letter to the Editor

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ForumImagine that you are writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about your issue. What would you want the readers of that news source to know about your issue? Most Letters to the Editor are woefully misleading and uninformed.

In roughly 200 words, summarize your issue and potential solutions.* You'll want to find ways to get people motivated to act on your suggestions. Extra credit for those who actually submit letters and have them printed in a paper, or published editorials (submitting in the comments section does not count). Every student is allowed to start one discussion, but you are certainly able to respond in any of the threads.

Don't forget to proofread! If you ever post comments online you'll want to be very mindful of this because people will often attack your ideas or you as being uneducated even if they see one tiny, little error (especially if it's a common mistake). Make people question your ideas - not your writing ability or intelligence.

Please comment on other posts. Discuss your reaction to others' posts and commentary.

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