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Unit: Search Engines vs Electronic Databases 10 - Search Engine vs. Electronic Databases Forum
Search Engine vs. Electronic Databases


After you have submitted your assignment, highlight some of the key points about the difference between the two.

Also, share with us what you learned from this assignment.
After you make your post (responding to the question below) you will be able to ...
Unit: The Written Word Written Word Presentation Sharing

This is where you'll post a link to your Written Word Presentations. Provide us with any context or background information for it and then post the link (If you do not provide additional information and context to your link, your grade will not be as high for your forum post). If you would like ...

So, now what?

Later in this course we will be talking about what the future holds for communication and accessing information. For now, share your insights from this unit in a post below.

  • What did you learn about written communication? If you didn't learn anything new, describe how your ideas about the ...
Unit: Read This Book! Frank's Social Media Remix

The book heavily relies on point-of-view and telling a story from perspectives based on letters. How might this look different considering the availability of Social Media today?

Unit: Norse Myth The Wisdom of Odin Discussion

BjornAfter completing your reflections of the Havamal, share some of your insights here. You may also post questions about the chapters here.

Creation Forum

 You're probably still trying to figure out what just happened and if those white fluffy things in the sky are really a frost giant's brains. What did you think? Aside from the violence, what do you think of the stories? Do you think that people really believed that the rivers are Ymir's blood, or...

Assignment: Saga Forum

 Since it's unlikely that everyone read the same story, this is a great opportunity for you to provide a brief (2-3 sentence) summary of your Saga and what you liked and didn't like about it. Did you find it entertaining? Did you learn anything from it? Would you recommend it to anyone else?

Share ...

Unit: Blogging 04 - Sharing your blog and other blogging related interactions... 0
Unit: Problem/Solution Assignment: Letter to the Editor

The Opinion Page

ForumImagine that you are writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about your issue. What would you want the readers of that news source to know about your issue? Most Letters to the Editor are woefully misleading and uninformed.

In roughly 200 words, summarize your issue...

Odell Education Materials 06 Looking Closely Discussion 0
09 Paraphrase and Discuss 0