Students: To access the following activities, navigate to your "lock and key" within the Anoka-Hennepin website. Login using your Anoka-Hennepin username and password.  Locate and click on the icon for the "Odyssey" web-based learning application.

Enter in the following assignment numbers into the activity box on your student dashboard:

Data displays (bar graphs and pie charts).
AL067 A1617 A1618

Create and read graphs that display change over time (line graphs)
AL067 A1617 A1618

Mean, median, mode, and range for a set of data.

Stem plot or dot plot and describe it with S.O.C.S.

Histogram and describe it with S.O.C.S.

5-Number Summary for a set of data

Box and whisker plot and describe it in context (S.O.C.S.)

Identify outliers in a set of data

Create side-by-side or back-to-back data displays and compare 2 data sets.
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