Assignment 4: Flourmilling

W3 Template

Gold Medal Flour

"What I Read?"

"What's in My Head?"

"What My Neighbor Said?"

The W3 Template uses your summary writing skills from the sawmilling industry to share your thoughts and ideas with other students. Sometimes we read the same information as our neighbor, and think of totally different things. This is your chance to highlight your thinking and see what connections your neighbor makes too. 

1. Read: 

Flourmilling Graphic Novel

2. Write "What I Read?"

(Essentially a good summary of the big ideas in the graphic novel or the flour milling industry as you now understand it.)

3. Write "What's in my Head?"

(What does this make you think of? What does reading the remind you of? What parts are you intrigued by? What parts don't make sense? What lingering questions to you have?) 

4. "What my Neighbor Said"

(Read another student's forum post and notice how their thinking might be different that your thinking.)

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