Assignment 11: Write a Vocabulary Multiple Choice Question

Vocabulary Multiple Choice Questions

As you read text, there are many words that you need to know to be able to understand what a text is trying to say. Words with multiple meanings are particularly challenging. You may have a hard time understanding that words with the same spelling and/or pronunciation can have different meanings, depending on their context. Idiomatic expressions also can be difficult for to understand, especially for students who are English language learners. Because idiomatic expressions do not mean what the individual words usually mean, you often will need to get more information about certain expressions such as "hard hearted," "a chip off the old block," "drawing a blank," or "get the picture."  Your assignment is to create a vocabulary related question from the text about World War I. Be sure that the vocabulary is significant to the understanding of World War I. It does not have to be a word you didn't know before reading or viewing text about World War I.

Some sample vocabulary questions:

Which is the best meaning for the word ___________ ?
The word ___________ in the text means......?
What is a synonym (same) for the word ___________ ?
What is the antonym (opposite) for the word _________ ?

You must also create answers to choose from since these are multiple choice questions.

A. Write an answer that is correct.

B. Write an answer that is "plausible" but not correct.

C. Write an answer that is correct, but not related to the question.

D. Don't use "all of the above" as an answer.

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