Assignment 13: Write an Inferential Questions

Inferential Questions

An inferential question can not be answered by looking at the text itself, but can be answered by inference or reference to some outside information. Inferential questions ask you to think more—to make an educated guess—to think about and beyond the information given.

Some sample inferential questions:


What can you conclude.....

What can you generalize......

What is the problem.....

What lesson did you learn?

How does the author feel about......

What will probably happen next?

If _________ changed, how would the story change?

You must also create answers to choose from since these are multiple choice questions.

A. Write an answer that is correct.

B. Write an answer that is "plausible" but not correct.

C. Write an answer that is correct, but not related to the question.

D. Don't use "all of the above" as an answer.

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