Assignment 10: Writing a Literal Multiple Choice Question

Literal Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions are a big part of the standardized testing world in which we live. Understanding the make up of the kinds of questions on a standardized tests makes us better test takers. Test taking is one way to show that we understand the concept being taught. It helps us to comprehend and make better sense of our world.

Literal questions are part of every multiple choice test. A literal question can be answered solely by referencing the text itself. It is sometimes referred to as a "right there" question, because you can find the answer to these kinds of questions right there, in the text. A way to improve our practice and thinking around "the literal" is to practice writing in a literal fashion.

Your assignment to post to the forum is to write a literal test question about your learning of World War I.

Sample starters to these questions are:

What....., when, where, which, how?

Which of these events happened first?

Which of these facts can you recall about World War 1?

You must also create answers to choose from since these are multiple choice questions.

A. Write an answer that is correct.

B. Write an answer that is "plausible" but not correct.

C. Write an answer that is correct, but not related to the question.

D. Don't use "all of the above" as an answer.

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